the pop stage

Are you the next big pop star? Then join The Pop Stage now for a chance to win PHP1 MILLION and a 1-year contract with Viva Artists Agency!

All talented individuals or groups ages 13 to 25 are welcome to join. Please make sure you do not have an existing contract with any talent management company.

Please submit your audition video here.

  • You are allowed to submit a video recorded by any device (e.g. smartphone, DSLR camera, webcam) provided it is in landscape orientation, video format/codec H.264, and file extension MP4.
  • We allow minimal editing (enhancing video and sound quality, lighting, and video cuts). No special effects and voice manipulation allowed.
  • The maximum length is 4 minutes.
  • The maximum file size is 300 MB.

The Pop Stage is open to any talent performance as long as the videos contain:

  • No display of nudity or indecency
  • No explicit, vulgar, sexually-suggestive, derogatory language or scenes
  • No graphic depiction of anything illegal (e.g. drugs, firearms)
  • No discriminatory or abusive actions
  • No visible branding or watermarks of any kind
  • No political content

Deadline for video submissions is on May 27, 2020, 11:59PM.

You will receive an email from The Pop Stage team regarding the status of your audition.

  • May 10 - Pilot episode Part 1
  • May 17 - Pilot episode Part 2
  • May 24 - Preliminary Round 1
  • May 31 - Preliminary Round 2
TOP 24
  • June 7 - Elimination Round 1
  • June 14 - Elimination Round 2
  • June 21 - Elimination Round 3
  • June 28 - Elimination Round 4
TOP 12
  • July 5 - Semifinals Round 1
  • July 12 - Semifinals: Round 2
  • July 19 - Recap and Intermission
  • July 26 - Grand Finals Performance
  • August 2 - Grand Finals - Guest Performances/Announcement of The Pop Stage Grand Winner

Cut-off of video submissions for the preliminary rounds will be on May 20, 2020, Wednesday 11:59 PM, (for the first preliminary round) and May 27, 2020, Wednesday, 11:59 PM (for the 2nd preliminary round). The management team will review the audition videos immediately after every cut-off date.

All entries received within the two cut-off periods shall be scored and shortlisted to the top 12 entries per cut-off. A total of 24 entries shall be selected.

Shortlisting shall be based on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity/Originality (40%)
  2. Quality of Performance (40%)
  3. Entertainment Value (20%)
  4. -------------------------

The top 12 entries for each preliminary round will be announced and featured live on the show (May 24 and 31, 7 PM). These shortlisted entries will be witnessed by a DTI representative.

NOTE: Individuals or groups that were not shortlisted or were not part of the top 12 shortlisted entries on the first preliminary round can still join the next preliminary round as long as they submit a new audition video.


The 24 shortlisted entries will be divided into four (4) groups with six (6) competitors per group. The Pop Stage team will determine how the contestants will be grouped. The contestants will follow the same video requirements for their new video submissions. All contestants will have to submit their new video material by June 3 (Wednesday), 11:59 PM.

There will be four (4) elimination rounds where six (6) contestants will be featured and judged during each round. Only three (3) winners will be chosen every week and will go straight to the semi-finals. A total of twelve (12) elimination round winners will compete in the semi-finals.

Each elimination round will be live-streamed on Facebook (@thepopstage) every Sunday at 7:00 pm starting June 7.

The elimination round winners shall be decided based on the following criteria.

  1. Creativity/Originality (40%)
  2. Quality of Performance (40%)
  3. Entertainment Value (20%)
  4. -------------------------

A DTI representative shall be invited to witness the judging of entries during the elimination round. Announcement of winners shall be right after the judging and before the end of the live streaming on Facebook.

he elimination round will run for four (4) weekly episodes, and twelve (12) elimination round winners will compete in the semifinals.

NOTE: Group performers are not allowed to change their members throughout the competition.


For the semifinals, the Top twelve (12) contestants will battle it out again through new pre-recorded performances which shall be submitted on July 1, Wednesday, 11: 59 pm, prior the semi-finals schedule.

The semifinals will also be live-streamed on Facebook (@thepopstage) every Sunday 7pm on July 5 and July 12, where the host will present and a panel of three (3) judges that will view and comment on the semifinalists’ performances.

A DTI representative shall be invited to witness the judging during each semifinals round.

Six (6) contestants will compete every week where two (2) winners will be decided on each semifinal round.

For each round of the semifinals, the top 2 contestants with the highest score from the judges shall go straight to the final round.

Basis for judging:

  1. Creativity/Originality (40%)
  2. Quality of Performance (40%)
  3. Entertainment Value (20%)
  4. -------------------------

The semifinal winners will be chosen and announced by the end of each show.


The finals will also be live-streamed on The Pop Stage’s Facebook (@thepopstage), where the top 4 will again compete with a new set of pre-recorded performances.

The submission of the new pre-recorded performances shall be on July 22 (Wednesday) 11:59 pm before the Grand Final performance on July 26.

Their final performances will be viewed and judged by a panel of judges during the show.

A DTI representative shall be invited to witness the judging during the finals.

The judges shall decide the final winner based on the criteria below.

Basis for judging:

  1. Creativity/Originality (40%)
  2. Quality of Performance (40%)
  3. Entertainment Value (20%)
  4. -------------------------

The announcement of The Pop Stage’s grand winner will happen on the week after their final performance on a Grand Finale episode. In this episode, the finalists will perform with other celebrities to showcase their talents for the last time and will not be judged or scored anymore.


Grand Winner/Pop Winner: Php 1 Million tax free + 1-year contract with Viva Artists Agency Consolation Prize: P50,000 cash tax free for every non-winning finalist